Thanks to over 1,100 poets, teachers, schools, and judges for sharing in the 19th Annual Haiku Festival workshops, readings, and events. Haiku Fest celebrates children through poetry and the arts, while promoting literacy.

Haiku Festival awards certificates to all participating student poets. Winning entries are listed below.


We proudly announce the following commendations for participants in grades 3 and 4:

First Prize:

The sun is bright blue
The sky is polka dotted
this is super weird

Ansel Schar-Monson, Age 10, Grade 4
Eliza Chappell Elementary, Chicago


2nd Prize:

Pollen on themselves
Bees are always visiting
Petals pretty them

Oliver Thomas, Age 10, Grade 4
Eliza Chappell Elementary, Chicago


3rd Prize:

A rose on a bush
A small tulip on a tree
The sound of silence.

Emily Roccaforte, Age 9, Grade 3
Thomas J Waters Elementary, Chicago


Founders National Award:

My mom is a rose
Blossoming in the field we
Grow with the same root

David Ramirez, Age 9, Grade 4
St. Celestine, Chicago


Honorable Mention:

Quiet swift lion
sitting in the gentle breeze
after this days hunt

Gideon Galant, Age 9, Grade 4
Eliza Chappell Elementary, Chicago


Honorable Mention:

my cheeks turn bright red
they all laugh and call me names
what did I do wrong?

Elsa Parv, Age 10, Grade 4
Eliza Chappell Elementary, Chicago



Teacher of the Year Award:

Ms. Diana Zurawski
Galileo Scholastic Academy, Chicago


School of the Year Award:

Josephine Locke Elementary, Chicago

Ms. Mindy Gonzalez
Ms. Joanne Lindley-Hernandez
Ms. Jose Jaramillo
Mr. Jeff Putnam