Thanks to over 1,000 poets, schools, and judges for sharing in our 17th Annual Haiku Festival workshops, readings, and events. Haiku Fest celebrates children through poetry and the arts, while promoting literacy.

Haiku Festival awards certificates to all participating student poets. Winning entries are listed below.


We proudly announce the following commendations for participants in grades 5 and 6:

First Prize: $100

leaves fall in the woods
crunching underneath my shoes
inner peace awaits

Adrian Walasik, Age 11, Grade 6
Josephine Locke Elementary, Chicago


Second Prize: $50

the hate is spreading
listen for roars of marching
as the past repeats

Adrian Neville, Age 10, Grade 5:
Staton Elementary, Denver


Gwendolyn Brooks Award:

across the night sky
icy rocks fly past swiftly
orbiting the sun

Ting Yang, Age 12, Grade 6
John Haines Elementary, Chicago


Haiku Festival Program Cover Art
Notan Design by:

Alyssa Clark, Age 13, Grade 7
Cynthia Solomon, Fine Arts Teacher
Alex Haley Academy, Chicago

Teachers of the Year:

Ms. Rebecca Grober
John Haines Elementary, Chicago

Ms. Courtney Wilwers
St. Monica Academy, Chicago


Schools of the Year:

Josephine Locke Elementary, Chicago

Ms. Mindy Gonzalez
Ms. Joanne Lindley-Hernandez
Ms. Jennifer Salen
Ms. Jessica Maldonado
Mr. Jack Devitt

John Haines Elementary, Chicago

Ms. Rebecca Grober
Ms. Michelle Wright
Ms. Anne Agostinelli