Thanks to over 1,200 poets, teachers, schools, and judges for sharing in the 18th Annual Haiku Festival workshops, readings, and events. Haiku Fest celebrates children through poetry and the arts, while promoting literacy.

Haiku Festival awards certificates to all participating student poets. Winning entries are listed below.


We proudly announce the following commendations for participants in grades 5 and 6:

First Prize: $100

Ashes in the breeze
Flames beneath the darkened night
Light collides with dark

Nina Huh, Age 10, Grade 5
Weaver Elementary, Los Alamitos, CA


Egnor Family Teacher of the Year:

Ms. Diana Zurawski
Galileo Scholastic Academy, Chicago


Lyvers Family School of the Year:

Josephine Locke Elementary, Chicago

Ms. Mindy Gonzalez
Ms. Joanne Lindley-Hernandez
Ms. Lourdes Ocasio
Mr. Jack Devitt
Mr. Jeff Putnam
Mr. Ray Turner