Haiku Fest awarded certificates to all participating student poets. Thanks to over 300 poets, parents and teachers for making Haiku Fest successful. For more information on the event, click here.

We proudly announce the following commendations:

Elgie Harris, Sr. Memorial 1st Prize Award: $100

“The Canary”
Bright as the sunlight,
It sat singing with beauty
Waiting to be free.

Sok Bunny Cheng, Age 14, Grade 8
Dewitt Clinton School

Dr. Boris Thomas 2nd Prize Award: $50

geese look elegant.
they fly in wonderful forms.
but they are noisy.

Linda Quizhpi, Age 11, Grade 5
St. Benedict School

Dr. James Gandre 3rd Prize Award: $25

“Bring New Hope”
Been through hope and pain
Tried to forget and stay sane
Now new hope again

Cecil Harris, Age 13, Grade 7
Wendell Green School

Founders Award: $20

“In a Tree”
I sit in a tree.
I am looking for a bee.
A bird throws something

Shonte Nalls, Age 12, Grade 6
Chicago International Charter School
Prairie Campus

Honorable Mention

Grandpa lost his shoe
He looked in the living room
But it was long gone

Dion Randall, Age 10, Grade 4
Dixon School

Honorable Mention

“How would Hitler Feel”
How would Hitler feel
If he worked so hard until
He died in his grave?

Brandon Segura, Age 14, Grade 8
St. Benedict

Honorable Mention:

My family’s gone
they have chosen me to live
but my heart is dead

Leela Sims, Age 14, Grade 8
St. Benedict

Honorable Mention:

“I’ll Die For Soccer”
Soccer! If there is
no soccer in Heaven I
am not going there.

Alejandro Perez, Age 13, Grade 7
CICS Prairie

Honorable Mention:

Where are you, sister?
I can see you in the cloud.
Please come back to me.

Kierra Collins, Age 14, Grade 8
CICS Prairie

Honorable Mention:

“Missing out”
I am very sad
people don’t see my goodness
so they lose a friend

Utopia Stepney, Age 12, Grade 6
CICS Prairie