Harold Washington Library Zoom Workshops

avocado toast
served with a cold cup of rain
Autumn’s lunch menu
— Laurie Shoulter-Karall

gray stones piled high,
descending sizes, -teeter-
keep holding your breath
— Susan Ataman

unstoppable time
grab the most that you get
I’ll ask for seconds
— John David Karall

Avondale-Logandale Elementary, Chicago

Justice equals peace
Hard work, freedom, happiness
Pen-clicking karma
— 8th Grade Class, Room 302

Urban skyscrapers
Peopled with rushing shoppers
Steel-and-glass molé
— 6th Grade Class, Rm. 102

Soccer ’round the field
Skilled players kick, run and shoot
Hands off, Chucky Cheese
— 5th Grade Class, Rm. 202

Harold Washington Library Center Workshop

mountains scratch the moon while a sleeping lion dreams of leaping red deer
— Will Cooper

Say goodbye sadly
But we’ll groove another night
Because we believe
— Sharon F. Warner

Conrad Sulzer Regional Library Workshop

barbecue party
it was delicious and fun
wait a while to swim

we walk in the fall
we can get wet in the rain
we can jump in leaves

Korean American Community Services After School Students

Harold Washington Library Zoom Workshops

hesitant novice
envying haiku masters
wades in deep water
— Judy Meyers

man built balancing
nature offers an assist
wind gust sweeps away
— Julian Breslow

vegetable mountain
green sprouts cover red layers
hungry belly growls
— Judy Meyers

birds dance together
blue sky wears lacy ball gown
— Judy Meyers

Carter G. Woodson Regional Library NAP Workshop*

Barren wombs for pain
Thrust in chilled breath, warm tears stream
Branches mourning death
— Nyssa Bolden

Indian summer was to bring a joyful warmth instead it brought you
— Judith Bowden

kisses, hugs, mrs. heart-shaped relations entered weakened no pity
— Raymond Collins

street perfection shines
giggles flow from summer
reaching sky-blue land
— Vanessa Ellis

in the summer rain
hail covers lawns and
alley free of cats
— Renée K. Moore

whispering echoes
October secrets released
sharps never frost lips
— Stephanie Shanks

* This project was supported by a Neighborhood Arts Program (NAP) grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.